How Tajik migrants are rebuilding devastated Mariupol

How Tajik migrants are rebuilding devastated Mariupol
Over the past few months, Russian construction companies have begun recruiting workers to rebuild the city of Mariupol, the industrial center of eastern Ukraine, which came under Russian control in May this year. Workers are promised up to 250 thousand rubles per month, temporary housing and three meals a day. Some migrants are already working on construction sites in the city, others have turned down a tempting offer, reports the Central Asia News Center.
Kurbon Sharifov has been working in Mariupol since the end of August. He was sent to the ruined city by the Moscow construction company “Restavratsiya”, at whose facilities a migrant from Tajikistan had previously worked. For the first month of work, he said, the builders were paid more than 130,000 rubles ($2,350) each, twice what they received in Moscow. However, whether they will be paid such a salary in the future - Kurbon does not know.
"Here we restore destroyed residential buildings, replace windows, renew the roof. We were provided with temporary housing and three meals a day", - told the migrant.
Mariupol is the industrial center of the Donetsk region and the largest international trade port on the Sea of Azov. The fighting for the city began on February 25, 2022, the day after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. By the end of March, after weeks of shelling, Mariupol was reduced to rubble.

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