On July 07, 2019, on the basis of the approved plan of the leadership of the Main Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sentences (MDECS) of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan, 128 convicts (120 men and 8 women) of the correctional institutions 3/3, 3/5 and investigation institution 9/2 of the cities of Khujand and Istaravshan of the Sughd region were to be transferred by three specialized vehicles to the cities of Dushanbe and Norak, as well as to Yovon district for the continuation of their criminal sentences.
The caravan of vehicles escorted by the group of guards left Khujand at 12:45 and reached Dushanbe at 18:20.
According to the established standards, the caravan stopped 6 times on the way as necessary.
In the second section of the road in the area Maykhura of the Varzob district, one of the prisoners distributed 3 loaves of bread, which he had with him as a present, to 16 prisoners as usual. After eating the bread, approximately by passing half an hour, 16 prisoners, who were in the back of the vehicle with the number 024 BA 01, experienced nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.
At 18:20, when the vehicle drove into a correctional institution of the MDECS of the Ministry of Justice, the condition of those who consumed the bread deteriorated. 16 people lost consciousness. At 18:25, a special ambulance team with the involvement of medical specialists was taken to the MDECS of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan.
As a result of the measures taken with the using all the possibilities, the doctors managed to save the lives of two prisoners. Unfortunately, despite the emergency medical measures taken, the lives of 14 prisoners could not be saved. The remaining 114 prisoners were taken to the relevant correctional facilities without physical injury.
The Procurator General Office of the Republic of Tajikistan filed a criminal case and established a special investigation team on the fact of the poisoning that led to the death of 14 prisoners.
A forensic medical examination was appointed and the investigation of this criminal case is under the strict control of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Tajikistan.
List of deceased prisoners:
  1. Abdurahmonov Abdurahmon Hasanovich, born in 10.02.1997 birth year, native of Gulbutta village, Chimteppa rural community, Rudaki district;
  2. Buriev Dalerjon Bozorovich, born in 16.09.1998 , native of the city of Istaravshan;
  3. Vataniev Mahmasaid Voseievich, born in 20.04.1977, native of Hiloli village of Abdurahmoni Jomi district;
  4. Kayumov Abdujamil Khalilovich, born on 10.11.1967, a native of Buston settlement, Mastchoh district.
  5. Manonov Rajabmurod Alimardonovich, born on 26.05.1979, native of Bulgakiyon village, Chashmasor rural community, Faizobod district;
  6. Nazrulloev Usmonali Burikhonovich, born on 21.03.1979, native of the Yovon district;
  7. Odinaev Valijon Darveshovich, born on 13.12.1976, native of Baghalak village, Dehqonobod rural community, city of Hissor;
  8. Solihov Nekqadam Gulmurodovich, born on 23.07.1985, native of Varzob district.
  9. Sunatulloi Imomali, born on 05.06.1989, native of Dushanbe;
  10. Turdiev Yokub Safarmahmadovich, born on 28.01.1991, native of Sarband village, Qizil-qal’a rural community, Khuroson district;
  11. Ubaidov Afzalsho Habibovich, born on 23.02.1995, native of the city of Vahdat;
  12. Haidarov Nekruz Mirzoalievich, born on 21.08.1999, native of Korez village, Dangara district;
  13. Hakimov Hasan Nuralievich, born on 17.01.1987, native of Somoniyon village, Rudaki district;
  14. Yusupov Mehrob Akbaralievich, born on 07.07.1992, native of Varzob district.

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