Labor ministry urges citizens not to apply to unlicensed companies regarding seasonal work in UK

Labor ministry urges citizens not to apply to unlicensed companies regarding seasonal work in UK
The Migration Service of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP) has urged citizens of Tajikistan to apply only to the state-run authorized body about looking for work abroad. 
Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, citing an official source within the Interior Ministry, reports that the head of the Davri Istiqlol Company Ibrohim Ahmadov had been arrested recently on suspicion of large-scale fraud.  
Ahmadov fraudulently obtained funds from dozens of citizens in return for a promise to arrange seasonal work for them in the United Kingdom.  
The Interior Ministry says there are about 150 victims involved in this case. 
The victims told Radio Ozodi that several months ago, they paid 18,000 somonis each to the Davri Istiqlol Company for sending for seasonal work to the United Kingdom, but they were never sent there.  
Meanwhile, the MoLMEP Migration Service says the Davri Istiqlol Company was denied a license authorizing sending migrants for seasonal work abroad.  
“The Migration Service is currently continuing registration of applicants for organized recruitment for seasonal work in Russia and in the United Kingdom,” an official source within the Migration Service told Asia-Plus in an interview. 
The Migration Service has urged applicants to apply only the state-run authorized body regarding seasonal work abroad; otherwise, they may find themselves in the unenviable position of people turning to the unlicensed company.  
Recall, an official source within the Migration Service told Asia-Plus in mid-June last year that about 1000 Tajik labor migrants will be hired for six-month seasonal work in the United Kingdom’s agrarian sector.  According to him, they will harvest vegetables and fruits in the United Kingdom.  
“The head of the MoLMEP Migration Service met with HOPS Labor Solutions Ltd Director of Operations Jonathan Burgess here back in March to discuss issues related to the organized sending of Tajik migrant workers to the United Kingdom for seasonal agricultural work,” the source said.
Recruitment of labor migrants reportedly took place in April-May last year and after its completion representative HOPS Labor Solutions Ltd Dimco Usursky on May 23 met here with those who applied and provided them with detailed information about working conditions, requirements for labor migrants, the source added. 
On May 24, The UK’s Gangmasters and Labor Abuse Authority (GLAA) Director of Strategy Darryl Dixon reportedly visited the MoLMEP Migration Service accompanied by the UK Ambassador to Tajikistan.  
The parties discussed issues related to compliance with the rules of stay, legal protection of labor migrants, prevention of illegal immigration and some other topical issues. 
Mr. Dixon reportedly also visited the pre-departure training center for labor migrants. 

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