Panji Poyon – Sherkhan Bandar BCP temporarily closed for traffic

Panji Poyon – Sherkhan Bandar BCP temporarily closed for traffic
The Panji Poyon (Tajikistan) – Sherkhan Bandar (Afghanistan) border crossing point (BCP) has been temporarily closed for traffic “after some projectiles were incidentally fired across the border during fighting between Taliban forces and ISKP fighters in Afghanistan Takhar province.”
Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodireports that Zabihullah Mujahid, an official central spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, stated on May 12 that investigation into the cause of closing the border crossing point for traffic is under way.  
Tajik truck drivers carrying cargo to and through Afghanistan told Radio Ozodi that border crossing problems began on May 9. 
One of truck drivers, who wanted to remain unnamed, says that he and his colleagues have carried cement to Afghanistan but “upon return, Afghan customs officers did not allow us to proceed through border crossing point.”
“We were forced to leave our trucks on the Afghan side of the border crossing point and return to Tajikistan on foot,” said the driver.  “Today is already the third day that we have been waiting for a call to take our trucks.”   
Tajik truck drivers say dozens of vehicles have stuck on the both sides of the border crossing point.
Trucks carry cement and coal from Tajikistan to Afghanistan through the Panji Poyon – Sherkhan Bandar BCP and they carry agricultural products back.
Besides, this BCP is used by truck drivers to transit goods from Iran to Central Asia’s nations and back.  

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