OROY – a new global brand of a fashion designer from Tajikistan

OROY – a new global brand of a fashion designer from Tajikistan
The cover of the November issue of the world’s most popular magazine VOGUE (Portugal) was adorned by the beautiful costumes of our compatriot – Oroy Shakhidi, a Tajik woman who lives and makes her unique works in London.
As Oroy told Asia-Plus, such fashion weeks refer to Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter which takes place twice a year in February and September in the fashion capitals of the “Big Four” – New York, London, Milan, and Paris.  Oroy was very happy to have her work featured in a well-known magazine – a great success for a designer.
How did Oroy’s collection make it into VOGUE magazine?
After graduation, she prepared a new collection for the September 2022 London Fashion Week, submitting her SS22 collection digitally live on the official platform.  She also houses the graduation collection in a Los Angeles based PR agency where stylists come in and choose a range of samples from different designers from across the world. In turn, the stylist conducts a photo session with models in an editorial styled photoshoot and sends it to the magazine Editor.
The online edition of TMRW, a global music and culture magazine that consistently produces thought-provoking, high-quality content, featured – “Tajik designer, Oroy Shakhidi impressed us at London Fashion Week with a digital presentation of her new collection, Simurgh, named after the mythical bird of ancient Persian culture.  The traditional image inspires the color palette of the garment, embracing an ensemble of light undertones.  Using artisanal techniques of hand embroidery, quilting, and painting, the collection features an impressive eco-friendliness woven from E-leather to ensure that the luxurious coats are more than half recycled.”
Another work of the young designer was published on separate occasions in NUMERO Russia and NUMERO Berlin.
As Oroy noted, she is currently working on a new collection and with great enthusiasm, she began to make concert clothing for successful world performers.
A fashion store will soon be announced, allowing a wide range of consumers to buy the OROY collections.  After graduating from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, Oroy Shakhidi confidently entered the world of high fashion.
“I have big plans; the world should know more about Tajiks.  I want to contribute to modern fashion.  CSM gave me the opportunity to use significant resources – a large library and the knowledge of experienced teachers, I will be able to get up close with the works of the world designers. I think that all this will allow me to learn to experiment with traditional Tajik elements. Tajiks have a rich history and culture, and my plan is to show this to the world” Oroy said earlier.
She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2020.  Every year, up to 4000 applications from all over the world apply to this university and 200 applications pass through the process. After a professional interview and study of their portfolio, only 100 pass, whose tuition is carried out on a paid basis.  This was Oroy’s first big success. She is constantly improving her products. She had to go to Bukhara to choose the topic of her thesis.
“Inspiration comes when you are in constant search”. – Oroy.
In February 2019, 20 Central Saint Martins students, including herself, attended the “Fashion in Motion” fashion show at Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The Works of students were selected for display by representatives of the museum and the Dior fashion house.

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