Takhar’s Yangi Qala District Falls To Taliban: Officials

Takhar’s Yangi Qala District Falls To Taliban: Officials
Local official in Takhar said on Tuesday that Yangi Qala district of the northern province has fallen to the Taliban after heavy clashes. 
The Taliban attacked the district two days ago, a spokesman for provincial governor, Mohammad Jawad Hejri, said.
“The forces are trying to retake the district from the Taliban,” Hejri said, adding that “clashes still ongoing in the district.”
He said that 28 Taliban fighters were killed in the clashes and “Mullah Imamuddin, a Taliban commander was also among them.
The forces have retreated from the district to prevent civilian casualties and the Taliban has not reached the center of the district, he said. 
Reinforcements have been sent from the center of the province to support the local forces, he mentioned.
He did not provide details over the security forces in the clashes.
Taliban claimed they have captured the district and a number of the security forces have been killed in the clashes.

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