FAO workshop puts apricot and honey production in focus in Tajikistan

FAO workshop puts apricot and honey production in focus in Tajikistan
Food safety and nutrition are inseparably linked.  Ensuring the availability of safe, nutritious and diversified food is a joint commitment of governments, the private sector and consumers.
The FAO Country Office in Tajikistan says a workshop that started in Dushanbe yesterday aims to strengthen the food safety and quality control system of the government, and Tajik apricot and honey producers.  The ultimate goal is to enhance export opportunities and lead to improved quality and safety of products on the domestic market.
The event is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), under the project, Enabling Market Access for Tajik Agricultural Products through Improved Food Safety System, jointly implemented with the International Trade Center.
The main objective of the project is to support Tajikistan in continuing its policy reform and strengthening government institutions.   It should provide further help to farmers, and create an enabling environment for agricultural business development, and improve the legislative base related to food security, nutrition and food safety.
“Over the last decades, food safety and trade have become inseparable,” said Oleg Guchgeldiyev, FAO Representative in Tajikistan. “In order to access international markets, producers should meet food standards to ensure that food is safe and meets quality and labeling requirements.”
“Among other objectives, this project is aimed to improve the food safety control for production of apricots and honey, two important agricultural export products for the country.  This seminar will discuss main elements for improving food control system in Tajikistan.  With food trade growing annually border controls need to be strengthened too,“ further added Guchgeldiyev.
Participants represent the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population, Committee for Food Security under the Government of Tajikistan, Tajik Agency for Standardization, Certification, Metrology, and Trade Inspection (Tojikstandart) and private sectors.
They are learning about the importance of official control and monitoring systems for honey and apricots production.  The workshop will also focus on enhancing Tajikistan’s agribusiness exports and provides guidance on developing export-related activities, strengthening the agribusiness sector, improving strategy implementation and business climate.
The attendees of the event will be offered a unique opportunity to share national actions, experiences and knowledge on improving food safety in agriculture and through the food chain for safe and nutritious diets.  They will exchange the recommendations on advancing the development of indicators for food safety as a systematic mechanism to track progress on improving control systems for apricots and honey and strengthening cooperation with the national and regional bodies.
In this regard, FAO continues to support Tajikistan with institutional, regulatory, voluntary and participatory solutions to improve food safety for healthy diets and enhance trade in agricultural and food commodities.

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