Osiya undergoes the third surgery; she is being prepared for autodermoplasty

Osiya undergoes the third surgery; she is being prepared for autodermoplasty
A six-year-old Osiya Sherzod, who sustained serious burns after she was purposely set on fire, got already the third surgery and it was also successful.  Physicians are currently preparing her for autodermoplasty (a type of graft surgery involving the transplantation of skin).
Tojir Zubaidov, the head of the Burn Department at Hospital No 3, says the first surgery they performed together with German Professor Edgar Biemer, the second surgery he performed on Osiya himself and the third surgery – necrotomy (surgical excision of dead tissue) – they also performed together with Professor Biemer.  The third surgery reportedly lasted for 1½ hours. 
“Her health condition is stable after the third surgery.  This surgery was performed to prepare Osiya for autodermoplasty,” Zubaidov said.  
Recall, three teens purposely set the 6-year-old Osiya Sherzod on fire.  This screaming incident occurred in Dushanbe’s Sino district in broad white on June 19. 
Dushanbe-based weekly Farazh reported on June 21 that three teenagers tied a six-year-old girl who was playing with her friends near her house to a grid fence and set her on fire.  Osiya reportedly has burns on 45 percent of her body surface area. 
President Emomali Rahmon expressed concern about this incident and ordered the Minister of Health and Social Protection Nasim Olimzoda to take treatment of Osiya Sherzod under his own control.
German Professor Edgar Biemer, who introduced plastic surgery in Tajikistan in 1998, has been invited to treat Osiya.  Doctor Biemer has brought all necessary medicine for treatment of the girl with him from Berlin. 

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