Tajikistanis will be permitted to work in South Korea under contract?

Tajikistanis will be permitted to work in South Korea under contract?
After studies and other assessments have been carried out, the Government of South Korea has included Tajikistan to its Employment Permit System (EPS) as the sending country, an official source within the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP) told Asia-Plus in an interview.  
According to him, representatives of various Korean companies arrived in Dushanbe in early December last year and “got acquainted with conditions of our country.”
“Recently, Korea has included Tajikistan together 17 other countries in its employment permit system.  All necessary documents have been prepared and submitted to both parties.  But we have not yet received an official letter from the Korean Employment Permit System,” the source said.   
He further added that the official letter from Korea is expected to be available to Dushanbe authorities in the second part of January.
Recall, Tajik authorities announced the dispatch of the first group of migrants for seasonal work in Korea in January last ear.  At the time, based on an agreement on cooperation between Tajikistan’s Migration Service and the Korean city of Sangju, 60 Tajik nationals were sent to Korean for seasonal work in the agrarian sector.
In 2022, for the first time, based on the agreement on cooperation between Tajikistan’s MoLMEP and Hampyeong County in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, 58 Tajik citizens were recruited for seasonal work in greenhouses.  
According to various estimates, more than 5,000 Tajiks are currently working in South Korea officially.  Some of them have reportedly been employed in known Korean companies such as Samsung and Hyundai.
The E-9 visa is a type of work visa issued by the South Korean government.  It is designed for foreign nationals who wish to work in specific industries that require manual or non-professional labor.  The E-9 visa is typically granted to workers from countries that have agreements with South Korea to participate in its Employment Permit System (EPS).  The EPS is a program that allows foreign workers to come to South Korea for employment in industries where there is a shortage of local labor. 
As part of the country’s EPS, the Korea E-9 visa is specifically designed for non-professional workers seeking employment in industries such as agriculture, fisheries, construction, manufacturing, and services.
The E-9 visa serves as a bridge between international workers and South Korean employers.
The primary criterion is nationality.  The applicant should not be seeking a professional job requiring specialized qualifications, certificates, or significant work experience.  The applicant should be free from any criminal background or past immigration issues with South Korea.   

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