Woman from Tursunzoda jailed for killing her uncle

Woman from Tursunzoda jailed for killing her uncle
A woman form the Tajik western city of Tursunzoda has got a lengthy jail term for killing her uncle.
According the Prosecutor-General’s Office’s official website, the Tursunzoda city court has sentenced Dilbar Saifuddinova  to nine years in prison and she will serve her term in a low-security penal colony.   
She committed the murder on June 11 this year.  
The preliminary investigation has reportedly established that being drunk, she came to her uncle Jahongir Saifuddinov, with whom she had a long conflict.  The man was also drunk.   The woman punched him in the face.   Falling, he hit his head on the door frame and lost consciousness.  The woman reportedly put her foot to her uncle's throat and strangled him.   
Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Dilbar Saifuddinova under the provisions of Article 104 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – murder.  

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