Demonstrators in Kazakhstan reportedly demand the resignation of the government

Demonstrators in Kazakhstan reportedly demand the resignation of the government
Media reports say hundreds of people in the western Kazakh region of Mangystau have protested for a second straight day against a sudden, dramatic hike in prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) used in vehicles.
Radio Liberty’s Kazakh Service says more than 1,000 people rallied in the town of Zhanaozen’s main square on January 3 after protesters spent the night there, complaining that the price increase will lead to knock-on effects to the prices of other daily commodities such as food.
Dozens of demonstrators reportedly also voiced anger in Aqtau, the regional administrative center, after spending the night in the open.
Smaller demonstrations were also held in villages in the Mangystau region, as well as in several cities and towns elsewhere in Kazakhstan in support of the protesters, including in the capital, Nur-Sultan, where at least three people were detained, according to RL/RFE.
The price per liter of LNG reportedly jumped to 120 tenge (28 U.S. cents) at gas stations in Mangystau at the start of this year, compared with a price of 50-60 tenge (12-14 cents) in 2021.
President Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev warned the protesters against violating the restrictive law on public gatherings, while the government said it would “implement a package of measures to regulate” LNG prices.
The protesters reportedly said they would continue their protest until the price of gas is reduced to 60 tenge.
Fergana news, citing KazTAG, says demonstrators demand the resignation of the government and Mangystau governor Nurlan Nogayev.  

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