Taliban sent "Tajik Taliban" to the border with Tajikistan. "For safety".

Taliban sent "Tajik Taliban" to the border with Tajikistan. "For safety".
They arrived in Shakhribuzurg, which borders the Shamsiddin Shokhin district in Tajikistan.
The Taliban (banned in a number of countries as a terrorist organization) sent a group of 130 militants to Shakhribuzurg district of the Afghan province of Badakhshan, sources told Radio Ozodi.
Shakhribuzurg borders with Shamsiddin Shokhin district in Tajikistan.
Taliban spokesman said the group was sent to strengthen border controls on the border with Tajikistan.
Sources in Tajikistan and Afghanistan claim that Ansorullah or Tajik Taliban militants have been sent to Shakhribuzurg and have been put on the international wanted list in Dushanbe.
Ansorullah militants under the command of Mahdi Arsalan recently left the territory of Afghan Darwaz. It was reported that the Taliban leadership transferred them to Faizabad, the administrative center of Afghan Badakhshan.
Residents of Shakhribuzurg district confirmed to Radio Ozodi that they met masked militants on the border with Tajikistan, who were not there before. These fighters, unlike the local Taliban, wear masks and do not engage in conversation with local residents.
The increase in the number of militants in Shakhribuzurg was confirmed by the former officers of the government forces of Afghanistan.
The Tajik authorities do not rule out that Ansorullah militants are stationed in Shakhribuzurg.

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