Erdogan: Turkey has to go its own way on safe zone in Syria

Erdogan: Turkey has to go its own way on safe zone in Syria
Earlier, Ankara threatened unilateral military action if 'safe zone' not established until end of September

With the progress on 'safe zone' in Syria's northeast in a joint US-Turkey effort insufficient, Ankara has no choice but to follow its own path on the matter, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

In his address to the Turkish lawmakers opening a new parliamentary session, the president said that he plans to re-settle 2 mln people in the safe zone stretching from Euphrates all the way to Syria's border with Iraq.

Erdogan's statements echo Turkey's previous complaints on the issue, with US an Turkey, two NATO allies, agreeing to establish a safe zone in Syria in August.

The plan would eventually have enabled Turkey, where over 3.5 mln Syrian refugees are registered, to start relocating them into the area.

However, while US and Turkey held joint patrols in the 'safe zone', Ankara has been persistently dissatisfied with the progress on the matter.

It also threatened unilateral military action, with the end of September set as the deadline for implementing the "safe zone".

The plan has also ruffled some feathers in Damascus, with the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem telling the UNGA that all those operating in Syria without an invitation from Damascus are occupant forces and must withdraw.

He said Syria had the right to defend itself from the occupants, should they fail to pull out.

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