Ukraine war: First Russia-Ukraine talks set to begin, as tens of thousands flee fighting

Ukraine war: First Russia-Ukraine talks set to begin, as tens of thousands flee fighting
The first talks between negotiators from Ukraine and Russia are set to begin on Monday at a location in Belarus.
Meanwhile the United Nations will hold an emergency session of all 193 member nations later on Monday to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine as tens of thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women, children and elderly people, flee the fighting to find safety in neighbouring countries.
Ukrainian civilian casualties continue to climb with the ministry of defence announcing that so far 352 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, including 14 children. It says an additional 1,684 people, including 116 children, have been wounded.
There are new signs that sanctions against Russia are starting to have an effect. An Austria-based subsidiary of Russia’s state-owned Sberbank has been ruled likely to fail after depositors fled due to the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Greece freezes residence permits for Russian investors

The Greek government has announced a freeze on residence permits for Russian nationals who invest in Greece. 
In a statement, migration minister Notis Mitarakis said "issuance and renewal of residence permits for investment purposes [...] of citizens of the Russian Federation are suspended until further notice. 
Greece has already sent military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and restated its official protests on Monday against Russian military incursions into southern Ukraine where ten civilians of Greek origin were reportedly killed. 
A government spokesperson told reporters that two C-130 military transport planes with defence equipment and humanitarian aid had left for Ukraine. 
Some media outlets in Greece also report a plan to send "Kalashnikov-type assault rifles", missile launchers and ammunition. 
"Respect for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity is non-negotiable" Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexandros Papaioannou said on Monday during a television interview. 
“We reaffirm to the Russian side its obligation to respect international law” he said.
"In the last five days, 1,032 Ukrainian citizens have crossed the Greek border" to take refuge there, according to a press release published Monday after a ministerial meeting on the flow of refugees from Ukraine.
As in the rest of the European Union, Greece has closed its airspace to all Russian planes, the Greek civil aviation authority has announced.
At least ten members of the Greek community in Ukraine, which numbers more than 100,000 people, were killed on Saturday in air raids that Athens describes as "unacceptable criminal acts".

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