Trainings on gender equality for CSOs and young leader

Trainings on gender equality for CSOs and young leader
Trainings on gender equality has been conducted for the representatives of local CSO's and youth in rural areas of Sughd and Khatlon provinces of Tajikistan as part of the ProYouth project, Sustainable Civil Society Organizations and Multilateral Partnerships for Active and Successful Youth of Tajikistan. 
According to the European Union Delegation to Tajikistan, gender trainings covered (about 200) representatives of civil society organizations, young leaders and socially active residents of rural areas in 8 districts (Panj, Shahritous, Norak, Bokhtar, Devashtich, Spetamen, Asht and Isfara).
The two-day training for 24 participants in each district was reportedly designed for the capacity building of civil society organizations and youth leaders to implement standards and principles of gender equality in their organizations and communities, as well as to implement activities that promote gender equality.
The course program is expected to help participants understand, explore and discuss gender equality and gender discrimination as integral part of human rights applicable in everyday life and work; learn how to use and promote gender equality standards; recognize signs of gender discrimination in their communities and develop approaches to eliminate it; promote gender equality in work with youth and the community as a whole.
The training is organized by a project team led by the international Austrian organization Hilfswerk International within the framework of “ProYouth” project, in cooperation with the Committee for Youth and Sports and the Committee for Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Union of Professional Consultants of Tajikistan (UPCT) and Public organization "MIR - Markazi Imkoniyat Bahri Rushd" and financed by the European Union program, Civil Society in Development» and the Austrian Development Agency.

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