Surudi Sol Music Awards will become Tarona Music Awards

Surudi Sol Music Awards will become Tarona Music Awards
Do you remember the first Surudi Sol Music Awards shows organized by Radio Asia-Plus?  We are reviving our music award under a new name - Surudi Sol will now become Tarona Music Awards.  
The main music event of 2021 from Asia-Plus will take place at Kokhi Surush in Dushanbe on December 11.
How it all began?
The first ceremony of Radio Asia-Plus Surudi Sol Music Awards was held at the Kokhi Borbad State Complex under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan in May 2003 (Surudi Sol 2003). The president personally came to the ceremony together with members of the government and parliament.
Radio Asia-Plus hosted the second Surudi Sol Awards ceremony in 2004 (Surudi Sol 2004).
The third ceremony of honoring the winners of the Surudi Sol Awards contest and a gala concert with participation of the winners of the Surudi Sol 2005 were held by Radio Asia-Plus in 2005.
What will be in December?
This year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s Independence and the 25th anniversary of Asia-Plus, we have decided to revive our music award. It is now called the Tarona Music Awards.
The idea of holding the event was immediately supported by one of Tajikistan's largest commercial bank, Orienbonk, becoming our General Partner.
This financial institution celebrates its 30th anniversary this December and, according to the bank's management, participation in holding such a bright show will be a great way to celebrate the anniversary.
Marmari Company has become the Official Partner of the ceremony.  
Singers, whose songs the Asia-Plus listeners loved most, will be selected as winners for the Tarona Music Awards.  
This will be the fifth year that the music award ceremony organized by Asia-Plus will be held. It is always recognized by spectators as one of the most outstanding shows in Tajikistan.

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