Another Provocation on the Tajik-Kyrgyz Border

Another Provocation on the Tajik-Kyrgyz Border
Despite the fact that after gaining state independence several protocols were signed between the governments of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to address the issue of border demarcation, the Kyrgyz side, especially some of its aggressive-minded residents, including officials of the Batken region, systematically intentionally violating the agreement, create an artificial problem on the state border, provoke an unstable situation, which cause discontent for residents of border settlements of the Kyrgyz side too. Some representatives of law enforcement agencies, including border guards of the Kyrgyz Republic, every time play a negative role in this issue.
On August 24, dozens of citizens of the Leilek district on the disputed section of the state border line (opposite of Bobojon Gafurov district of Tajikistan) violating all protocol requirements and without agreement with relevant Kyrgyz and Tajik authorities deliberately began the construction of two gas stations.
According to the reached bilateral agreements of the two states, until the completion of demarcation and delimitation of the border, all types of construction work in disputed areas are prohibited. However, for unknown reasons, residents of the border areas of the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan, constantly ignoring the requirements of the above-mentioned protocols, conduct provocative acts that could provoke further cross-border conflicts between residents of neighboring states.
There is no longer an opinion, and the facts irrefutably indicate that the Kyrgyz side does not want to resolve this issue through negotiations and mutual understanding, as befits good neighbors, and seeks to exert force pressure on Tajikistan. But this is a way to nowhere.
Currently, the situation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik section of the state border is stable.
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